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We currently ship via USPS Priority Mail


Please be ADVISED MAY 1 thru OCT 1 OR warm locations - Warm Weather Express Shipping is required for an additional $15. Items shipped without warm weather precautions and express shipping will be at purchaser’s risk. 


*When shipping food we always encourage giving notice to the recipient. 


IF you need different shipping arrangements please contact us directly and we can provide an estimate and invoice.


For multiple GIFT orders: You may e-mail your names and addresses with the gift you want to send to each recipient and a message. For multiple recipients, we encourage you to send us a spreadsheet.


LOCAL or Featured Shop Pick up - These are options as well. 



Of course, we hope our product exceeds standards. While shipping poses additional risk to our product we do not currently offer refunds. Lost goods will be processed thru mail services by filing an insurance claim.  Please note warm weather express requirements. We understand there are extenuating circumstances and would encourage you to reach out to us if your experience falls short of extraordinary. 

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