Better Than Sex Chocolates - Grand Marnier Truffle

Better Than Sex Chocolates - Grand Marnier Truffle


1/2 Dozen Chocolates (6 Pcs)

Grand Marnier Truffle Filled Dark Chocolate Candies

Rich and Flavor-filled Gourmet Delights

Each Chocolate is 2.25oz and 2'' square which feature text "Better Than Sex Chocolates"


Few things in life satisfy like our handcrafted chocolates. Made by Annapolis, MD based Chocolatier and Restaurateurs who are 100% dedicated to our craft and delivering to you a completely satisfying chocolate experience. So few things in life are completely satisfying...our Chocolates are!


These are a perfect gift to celebrate any number of things.

Try packaged individual favors for bachelorette or divorce celebrations.

Pair a dozen with a bottle of wine for a welcome delight.

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